Here is some music I've written and recorded.  Enjoy!  I love to work with others, so please feel free to contact me about Licensing and Collaboration.  Follow AfroDJMac on SoundCloud and for additional releases, please visit the Bandcamp page. The Newest Sounds from AfroDJMac

This playlist features all the newest creations from AfroDJMac.  Full songs, demos, ideas, jams, etc. can all be found here, hot off the press and in various states of completion.

"Cowboys and Synthesizers EP" w/SuperKid  -Summer 2011-

This 4 four song EP was created in collaboration with SuperKid.  The goal was to experiment with the blending of rock and roll (Cowboys) with more experimental, electronic music (Synthesizers).  100 handmade CDs were created, each featuring a unique sleeve painted by AfroDJMac and SuperKid.

"Nintendo EP"   -May 2011-

Each track of this EP contains sounds derived from the sound card of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

Project Nairb- Before there was AfroDJMac, there was Project Nairb.  Below are my first two full length solo albums.  They are both intimate home recordings.

"Project Nairb" -is the first Full Length Solo Album I ever made.  Completed in 2004,  this Indie Rock/Folky disc features a wide range of instrumentation, from acoustic and electric guitars to ukuleles, electronic and acoustic drums, xylophone, keys and synths.  It's an intimate recording, fun and lighthearted, but also introspective.  I did all the album art myself, by painting a sky with watercolors, ripping up various pieces of blue construction paper to create the water, and drawing a small island with a tree in marker.  I pasted it all together, scanned it and had it pressed up (thanks to J-Rod).   It was recorded entirely at home, on an ADAT HD24 with a 24 channel Tascam mixer that I wish I never sold, and mastered by my good friend DF.

"Forest Far"  - released in Fall 2007, this is a concept album about traveling to a special place called Forest Far, that is located somewhere outside of all of your worries and fears.  This album dabbles in the genres of  indie rock, folk, electronica, experimental... but remains loyal to none of those genres.  Great for a car ride, fun yet introspective.  I did the artwork by first painting the sky using acrylics, using a scrubby sponge for the hill, drew a few trees in marker, and picked some flowers from my mom's prized Azaleas.  "Forest Far" is one of my personal favorites...