Polymoog Ableton Live Pack

The collection contains 30 multi-sampled Ableton Live Instrument Racks, built from samples of the Polymoog 280a analog synthesizer from 1978. All 14 of the Polymoog's presets are represented, and there are variations on each sound, plus 2 complex layered instruments. There's also the "Vintage Synth FX" Audio Effect Rack, which you can use on any sound to emulate the characteristics of vintage synthesizers. It's a total of 31 awesome devices!

Peaceful Synths Ableton Live Pack

The Peaceful Synths Ableton Live Pack is a massive collection of mellow, chill, relaxed, peaceful Instrument Rack presets. A wide variety of hardware and software synths were programmed and sampled with peaceful sounds in mind. The collection comes with 10 Instrument Racks, each of which allows you to choose from 4 different sounds. There's also 55 presets with 2 layers of synths each, and each of those layers has 4 sounds you can choose from. That means there are over 900 possible sound combinations! 

80s VHS Synths Ableton Live Pack

This is a collection of 58 Ableton Live Instrument Racks. Each instrument was made from samples of various analog and digital synthesizers, including Dave Smith’s Prophet 6, The Moog Realistic Concertmate, Novation Bass Station, Korg Volca FM, and various digital synthesizers.  The samples were recorded on to VHS tapes with an old VCR, and then imported into Ableton Live. From there the VHS samples were used to create the instruments in this collection. 

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Ableton Live Packs

Classic Synthesizers

Super 8 Bit Box.jpg

Super 8-Bit 

The sounds of classic video game consoles in Ableton Live! 150 Instruments and Effects, built from samples of Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.

Phat Moog Bass Vol. 1

40 Instrument Racks designed for Bass. Sampled from Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer.


Moog Big Phatty

33 Instrument Racks created with samples of the Moog Slim Phatty analog synthesizer. Classic Moog sound combined with the power of Ableton Live effects.

Big Layered Synths

25 Instrument Racks, created from samples of Dave Smith Prophet '08 analog synth. Instruments are layered together for huge sounds.

Roland Juno Pads

Warm, analog, evolving pad Instrument Racks, sampled for the classic Roland Juno 106. Complete sound customization with 55 Macro Controls.

Roland Juno 106 

Wide collection of vintage analog synth sounds from the classic Roland Juno 106. 22 multi-sampled Instrument Racks that combine the Juno with the power of Ableton Live.

Roland Alpha Juno 2 Synths

72 Instrument Racks built from samples of the warm, analog Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesizer


Korg Poly 800

The unique sounding vintage Korg Poly 800 has been meticulously sampled and turned into over 40 Ableton Live Instrument Racks. Specially designed for epic end-of-the-world type sounds.

Prophets of Doom

25 Ableton Live Instrument Racks created from samples of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 analog synthesizer. Classic synth sounds with a warm vintage vibe.


DubStep Bass

10 DubStep style Instrument and Audio Effect Racks. Designed especially for wobble and growling basses.


toy synths.jpg

Yamaha DX7

The sound of the 1980's is characterized by the Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer. This collection of 56 Instrument Racks captures the sounds of the DX7's digital representations of real world instruments.

Toy Synths

112 Instrument Racks of various toy synthesizers. Features Yamaha, Casios, and many other brands. 24 clips of keyboard beats.



This Pack takes the unique sound of Arturia's MiniBrute analog synthesizer to new levels using the power of Ableton Live. Contains 50 Ableton Live Instrument Racks and 4 Live Sets of original music made with the Pack.

Roland JX-8P

32 Ableton Live Instrument Rack presets, built from multi-samples of the Roland JX-8P built-in presets. Complete with Macro Controls for effects and filtering. Designed for expressive playability with your MIDI controller. Now includes 15 new Bonus Instrument Racks! Making a total of 47 presets!

Phat Moog Bass Vol. 2

Ableton Live Pack made from samples of the Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer. 20 instrument rack presets designed for bass but capable of all kinds of sounds. Includes 7 Audio Effect Racks especially for bass.

Smooth Pocket Operators

48 Live Clips, 32 Instrument Racks, 200+ Samples, and 1 Live Project to Mix loops, all built from samples of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator series. Loads of fun and lots of character!

Acoustic and Real World Instruments


Ukulele Synths

18 Ukulele Instrument Racks, created from a multi sampled ukulele. Contains easy to play chords, plucked strings, and reversed sample playback.


9 Instrument Racks created with samples of a beautiful set of high-end wind chimes. Includes 4 Audio Effect Racks and 4 Live Sets of original music composed with this Pack.


Drums, Rhythm, and Percussion

Analog Drums

Drums created from vintage drum machines, vinyl records, and synthesizers run through Moog Sub Phatty Filter.



Super Tape Drums

Warm, rich, analog drums. 450+ drum samples recorded to reel to reel tape, and organized into 30 Ableton Live Drum Racks.


Moog Glitch Drums

400 Glitchy drum and percussion sounds, synthesized on the Moog Slim Phatty analog synthesizer. Organized into Ableton Drum Racks. Includes Audio Fx and LaunchPad step sequencer.

Rhythmic Pads

78 tempo-synced rhythmic Ableton Live Instrument Racks. By just holding out a few notes, get interesting moving sounds that fit perfectly within the beat of your track! 35 Single-Layered Synths, 22 Moving Noise Synths, and 21 3-Layer Polyrhythmic Synths.


Drum Fills Sample Pack

Easily drag and drop drum fills into your tracks. Over 1,000 1-bar drum fills, using hundreds of different drum samples. Simply drop these samples where ever your drums need a fill!




LoFi Audio FX 

30 audio effect racks that emulate vintage, analog, old, and broken gear. Easily control with a single Macro Control.


Transitional Noises

Create exciting and dramatic transitions in your music with these 9 Instrument Racks, 4 Audio Effect Performance Racks, and 100 Tempo-synced Clips.

Juno Jive FX

Complex Audio Effect Rack designed to emulate the characteristics of vintage analog synthesizers. 


Glitch FX

For those who want to watch the world burn! 25 Glitch Audio FX Racks, 75 Dummy FX Tracks, and 1,875 tempo synced automation Clips. Create everything from subtle effects to all out destruction!


Everything in Store.jpg

Everything in the Store

Get everything in the AfroDJMac store and new items as they are released. You will receive downloads for every item that I currently sell, and when new items hit the store, you will get a download for those as well! Never miss anything again! The ultimate value! 

Free Live Pack Archive #1-125

For about five years, AfroDJMac has been releasing free Ableton Live Packs. Although you can still download them for free individually, this collection gives you the first 125 Packs in one convenient download. These Live Packs cover just about every type of sound imaginable and will no doubt give you tons of musical inspiration.

The Ableton Live Moog Collection 

This special package includes the Moog Big Phatty, Phatty Glitch Drums, and Phat Moog Bass Volume 1 and 2 Ableton Live Packs. It's a great way to save money and add a ton of analog Moog sounds to your Ableton Live productions! There's nothing quite like the Moog sound, and this diverse collection brings you over 100 Ableton Live ready Moog Instruments!