#15: It's Not a Competition

Are you looking at fellow musicians, bands, dj, and producers as your competition? Stop! You'll get much further fighting the war with an army than as just one soldier. Think more about building community. In this episode, I talk about building community and adding value to others in order to grow. 

This episode was a bit of an experiment; it was recorded in my car during a commute. The audio quality is a little lower than I'd like, but I hope it doesn't distract from the important message!

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Show Notes:

Team Supreme: Strength in Numbers

#9: Share Your Secrets

When we come up with something new and unique, it's tempting to hide it away and keep it for ourselves. But I think that if we give away our secret tricks it can actually help us grow as artists. Also, it's a great way to help other artists grow. And who knows, something you share could very well come back to you in a new form and ultimately inspire you again! 

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Show Notes:

  • The Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Halliday  ... I only mentioned this book briefly, but it is a great study in how our ego can destroy creativity and ruin collaboration. Great read!
  • Shot of Awe - I found the video below after this episode was recorded, and I thought it was a nice addition...

#8: Focus on What You Can Control

What is your definition of success as a musician? Are your goals undermining your ability to find success? In this episode, we talk about what kinds of goals can help you find success and what kinds of goals may be dooming you to failure. It's all about a change in mindset and how a few words from Steve Martin could make all the difference!

#7: Ditch the Template; Break the Routine

Let's play devil's advocate to our last episode on streamlining and maximizing our music production time. Today I want to go against a lot of important productivity tips, such as creating templates, routines, and patterns, in order to find new inspiration. Breaking a routine and changing patterns can allow us to climb out of a rut and see things with new perspective. 

For today's episode, let's ditch the template and break the routine!

#6: Maximizing Your Music Production Time

#5: Let's Get Time on Your Side

How do you find time to make music? We all live busy lives. Producing music is so time-consuming! Here are some tips, techniques, and tricks you can use to find and maximize your time for making music.

#4: To Go Pro or Not To Go Pro

Do you want to make a living making music? Yea? Really? Are you sure? 

What does it mean to "go pro?" What are the positive and negative consequences of success? Here are some thoughts on what it means to become a professional, as well as a surprisingly relevant reading of Shakespeare's "To Be or Not To Be" soliloquy in Hamlet.

#2: Make Bad Music

Are you having trouble moving tracks forward and finishing them? Perhaps you need to make bad music. Here are some words of encouragement to see your projects, even if they are not your best, to the end.

Show Notes: Links to things mentioned in the episode.

Social Story Songs with Brian and Chris

Cuckoo (for his #Jamuary2017 challenge)

My #Jamuary2017 Tracks:

#1: Lessons From My Journey

Welcome to the Music Production Podcast! This podcast is an informal and unrehearsed exploration of topics related to music production, recording, songwriting, and creativity. 

The first episode deals with some important lessons I learned along the way. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments below.