Nokia Dumb Phone Ableton Instrument from Robert Chambers

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Robert Chambers, writer of HeadThoraxAbdomen, has just released a really awesome Ableton Instrument.  He sampled his Nokia x1 "Dumb Phone"  and turned it into a brilliant instrument.  The sounds are loaded with character, and have a really unique feel.   Here's the sound sample:

So head over to Robert's site and download this instrument.  He also released some Ableton effect racks recently, which are also worth your hard drive space.  Check it out!

The Rusty Fender Rhodes Ableton Pack

You may remember a few months ago, I worked with Robert on the Rusty Fender Rhodes pack.  It's a less than perfect (in all the right ways) Fender Rhodes instrument.  Here's the video and download link, in case you missed it. 

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