Free Ableton Live Pack #99: CasiOP-1 Ice Caves


Teamwork is the Name of the Game!

I’ve teamed up with fellow Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec aka Subaqueous to bring you a very special Free Ableton Live Pack.  It’s called the CasiOP-1 Ice Caves synth.  Isaac, who I met while undergoing the Ableton certification process, sent me samples he recorded from a recent trip to Washington’s Ice Caves.  They are interesting sounds of water running through the caves.  I thought they would make a great background to a synthesizer.

Casio SK-1 + OP-1 + Ice Caves = 1 Beautiful Instrument

I was experimenting with my Teenage Engineering OP-1′s sampling abilities when I thought it would be cool to record my Casio SK-1 sampling synth from the 1980s. Whether or not it should be referred to as a toy or an instrument is debatable, but the SK-1 certainly has a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling to it.  Recording it into the OP-1′s sampling engine only adds to that character and charm.  I then added Isaac’s Ice Cave samples to the instrument to add a layer of earthy goodness.  You can cycle between 6 different Casio instruments and six different Ice Cave instruments.  Mix and match them to sculpt the perfect sound.  Together they really create something special!

Forest Fall Micro Drums and Convolution Reverb

What makes this pack even more special is that Isaac has also released an Ableton Live Pack!  His Forest Fall Micro Drum Rack is a great percussion instrument he built from samples of water, fire, stairways, and more.  You can build rhythmic patterns with it and then change out the samples with the turn of a Macro Knob.  He has also used these samples to create a Max for Live Convolution Reverb FX Rack.  These reverbs are really cool and add a lot of character to any sound they touch.


Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough of both packs, as well as a little musical improvisation I did on Push, using three CasiOP-1 Ice Caves, The Forest Fall Micro Drums and The Convolution Reverb FX. Then click above to download the CasiOP-1 Ice Caves Synths from me, and head over to Subaqueous, where you can download the Forest Fall Micro Drums and Reverb Pack.  These are two really awesome and organic sound collections that will inspire creativity and no doubt lead to hours of music making magic!

  • Ricardo Palamartchuk

    Track with CasiOP-1 Ice Caves Ableton Live Pack #99 and Forest Fall from Afrodjmac

    Flute samples: Caribbean Delight from Mystic Flute Antonio Cruz

    Thank You!

  • Tori Varnes

    Hi- I have been attempting to download your soundpacks and have not been receiving the e-mails that should contain the download. Is this a common problem? What can I do to fix it?

    • AfroDJMac

      Hi Tori,
      Sometimes the email gets sent to junk or doesn’t come through. I changed the format in this post, so you won’t even need to wait for an email. Give it a shot and let me know if there’s a problem. Thanks!

      • Tori Varnes

        I used a different email and it went through- for some reason it wouldn’t go to my gmail but went to my university email. Thank you!