Roland Juno Pads Now Available at AfroDJMac Store

The Roland Juno Pads Now Available at the AfroDJMac Store!

The Roland Juno Pads Ableton Live Pack contains 20 instrument racks, each with 55 Macro Knob controls (yea 55!), all made from samples of the Roland Juno 106.  It started off as the Pack of the Month for May in the AfroDJMac Music Production Club, and is now available to everyone else for a special sale price! Get it now and add some rich, warm analog pads to your music!

Roland Juno Pads

Warm, analog, evolving pad Instrument Racks, sampled for the classic Roland Juno 106. Complete sound customization with 55 Macro Controls.

Here's the video walk through...

Get a Taste of The Pack!

A little while back I released a pad instrument made with the Roland Juno 106.  It's basically a simplified version of what comes with the Roland Juno Pads.  If you are interested in a taste of how the Roland Juno Pads Pack sounds, this particular download will give you a great idea.