The AfroDJMac Music Production Club

$6 per Month

Join the club!  Every month a new collection of music production tools will be created and delivered directly to your inbox.  My latest collection of Ableton Live Packs, Instruments, Effects, Project Files, Samples, and Tutorials will be released to subscribers at the beginning of each month.  You will be the first to receive these goodies, which may or may not make it into the AfroDJMac Store at the end of the month.  By subscribing you are guaranteeing yourself to be first to receive all the newest creations and, if they are even released to the public, at a fraction of the cost.  It's the ultimate way to ensure a constant stream of inspirational tools, promised to take your productions to the next level.  

To add value to the club, every member will receive a free download of my Ableton Live Pack Archive (#1-100).  It's a $10 value, so right off the bat it's a pretty good deal.

It's an honor to have your subscription to my work, and it's a responsibility I take very seriously.  It's my promise to release some special every month.  If you are ever dissatisfied, you may cancel your subscription at anytime.  No contracts. No commitment. No questions asked. Satisfaction guaranteed.

* Requires Live 9 or Higher