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The 100th Free Ableton Live Pack: Electric Guitar Synths!

fender ableton afrodjmac guitar synth
100 Free Ableton Live Packs! I'm very pleased and excited to share the 100th Free AfroDJMac Ableton more.

Free Ableton Live Pack #99: CasiOP-1 Ice Caves

Teamwork is the Name of the Game! I've teamed up with fellow Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec aka more.

Alluxe “Warrior” Ableton Live Instruments

New Album from Alluxe is Basis of New Free Ableton Live Pack Alluxe, the alter ego of Laura Escudé, recently more.

Free Ableton Live Pack #91: Vinyl Scratcher Effect; Plus Delay Modes Tutorial

Easily Recreate Vinyl Record Scratching in Ableton Live Record scratching is a trademark in many genres more.

Free Ableton Live Pack #89: Muir Woods Reverb

Natural Reverb From One of Nature's Most Amazing Creations I recently traveled to California with my more.

Ocarina of Live Ableton Pack + 2 Years of Packs and Tips!

2 Years of AfroDJMac Ableton Live Packs and Tutorials! April marks the two year anniversary for my series more.

Free Ableton Live Pack #69: Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths

Free Ableton Live Instrument Racks created from a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Snow Globe! Merry Christmas more.

Free Ableton Live Pack #68: MiniBrute Drums

Ableton Live Drums Created with Resampled Arturia MiniBrute! Once something is sampled, there's no telling more.

Free Ableton AfroDJRack #65: RubberBand Synth

A Simple RubberBand Becomes a Deep and Versatile Ableton Live Synthesizer! I recently got inspired  to more.