has a very specific niche of followers.  My Ableton Live products and music production tutorials attract electronic musicians and producers from all over the world. Current Google analytics indicate 30,000-35,000 monthly visits with 8,000-10,000 unique visitors.  These are people that have extremely targeted interests in music production, electronic music, DAWs (especially Ableton Live), musical instruments, etc.  My YouTube videos reach thousands of these people every week and email newsletters arrive directly in over 13,000 mailboxes.  Most of my content is picked up by other sites including: Synthtopia, Create Digital Music, Bedroom Producers Blog and many more.  The Ableton Live Blog periodically posts about my work and wrote "AfroDJMac has become a legend in the Ableton Live Community." Here are some advertising opportunities:

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  • YouTube Sponsorship- 15 second promo for your product/service at the beginning of one of my production videos.  "This Free Ableton Live Pack is brought to you by (your company)."  Feel free to supply your own 15 second promo.
  • Video Reviews or Demonstrations: Video published to YouTube featuring your product in action and explained in a clear straightforward manner.

*As continues to grow, rates may change.  However I will honor return-advertisers with the same rates you have purchased for one year.

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