Afro Bio PicAfroDJMac is multi instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from New York.  His music is influenced by rock and roll, video game music, early hip hop, and electronica.  Central to his songwriting is his sound design.  Whether it is turning 8-bit sound bites, household objects and toys into sampled instruments, or running guitars and synthesizers through various pieces of electronic equipment, it all reflects his fascination with the relationship between sounds, noises and music.  With the belief that sharing ideas and knowledge is what helps music evolve and grow, AfroDJMac is known for sharing his sonic creations with the public.  His video tutorials and Free Ableton Live Packs have allowed him to connect with other musicians worldwide.  A devout fan of artists like The Beatles and Neil Young, songwriting is core to AfroDJMac's music.  AfroDJMac's live performances consist of mixing and composing songs on the fly, while playing live instruments and singing.  As it draws on influences of yesterday and today, the resulting sound is best described as "futuristic, yet nostalgic."


Futuristic, yet nostalgic.  New York’s AfroDJMac is a live electronic musician, drawing influence from the genres of indie garage rock, classic rock, video game music, and modern electronica.  The characteristic sound is made up of acoustic and electronic instruments mixed and arranged on the fly; live vocals and samples are then layered on top, completing the sound.  All the while, special attention is paid to put forth songs that are catchy and exciting to listen to.  A typical live performance is just as much party as it is live music.  Every arrangement is unique and somewhat improvised, and audience participation is a huge part of the performance. 


I began my musical career playing guitar, and shortly thereafter fell in love with songwriting.  From there, instruments and gear became a set of tools used for creating new songs.  My musical roots are in the early days of rock and roll, which, during my impressionable teenage years, were thankfully mixed with the grunge and rock of the 1990s. Over the past few years, a mild obsession with electronic music and the applications of modern technology in the music making process has inspired me to find new ways to create songs.   Sharing knowledge and techniques is central to my musical philosophy; I've spent a lot of time getting involved in the electronic music community, creating free Ableton Live downloads, tutorials and tips.