Alluxe “Warrior” Ableton Live Instruments

New Album from Alluxe is Basis of New Free Ableton Live Pack

Alluxe, the alter ego of Laura Escudé, recently released a new EP called Nomad.  The songs expand upon her signature sound of “hip hop meets bass music—banging, futuristc, growling electronic beats.”  What I appreciate about it is the combination of heavy hitting electronic music and Alluxe’s classically trained violin skills.  The result feels like a mix between an outer space dance club from 2025 and a Hollywood cinematic score.  Her talent has not gone unnoticed by some big players in the music scene, her violin playing can be heard on one of my favorite Kanye and Jay Z collaborations from Watch the Throne,Made in America.”  I used part of the EP’s track “Warrior” to make some Live Instruments…

The Warrior Synths For Ableton Live

Alluxe was kind enough to send me some samples from “Warrior.”  I was most interested in the vocal samples and creating something new using just a voice.  The result is this Free Ableton Live Pack.  It contains two different instruments, a drum rack and a synthesizer.

The drum rack contains chopped bits of Alluxe’s voice.  There’s a lot of potential for manipulation of these sounds using the macro knobs, specifically if you play around with the Transpose and Sample Start and Length knobs.

The Synthesizer is made up of two chains, one that contains an instrument made up of tiny slices of Alluxe’s voice, and another that contains a vinyl record sample that can be used to create noise and grit, in conjunction with Live’s underappreciated Dynamic Tube device, by using the Grit control.  The Sampler instrument has been set up so that each time you play a note one of four samples is randomly triggered.  This means that every time you play a melody it will be made up of different samples, giving even a repetitive loop a lot of variation.  I accomplished this by placing four samples in Sampler, along different values of the Sample Selector Ruler, and modulating the Sample Selector with a random LFO.  I go into plenty of detail in the video below, be sure to watch it and then download the AfroDJMac Alluxe Warrior Pack below the video.

alluxe afrodjmac ableton sample selector

Four samples are spread out across the sample selector.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 6.32.46 PM

The LFO modulates the Sample Selector using a Random waveform.


“Rytmus” by Alluxe

Finally, be sure to check out the insane video for Alluxe’s track “Rytmus.”  “Rytmus” is also part of the Nomad EP.  I’m not exactly sure what world this was filmed in, but it looks really cool!

  • Yörk Darklight

    Thank you for this nice Instrument…. i love Micky Maus Vocals :-)

    Merry Christmas

  • Brandon Moore

    So I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but I only get one instrument with the download (the synth). I don’t get the drum rack sample. I’m new to the whole thing but here is a screenshot of what I got. Please tell me what I am missing.

  • Brandon Moore

    Nevermind! Got it. Merry Christmas.

  • alex

    Where is the download link?