Multi Band Effects: 2 Minute Ableton Live Tip #30

Video Tutorial on Creating Multi Band Effects in Ableton Live 9

Multi Band Processing allows you to separate certain frequencies and apply effects only to certain portions of the sound.  One practical use might be to add distortion to the higher frequencies of a bass track, but leave the lowest frequencies untouched.  This way your bass stays strong and present, while the higher frequencies can be mangled and distorted to your heart’s content.  The possibilities are literally limitless and they can be used to create some really dynamic and interesting effects.  Fortunately for us, Ableton Live makes it pretty easy to do, so we don’t need to invest a ton of money on 3rd party plugins that specialize in this department.  Check out the video below as I show you how to make your own Multi Band Effects.

Sounds from the video made with the Korg Poly800 Armageddon Pack for Ableton Live.

Tons of analog goodness, inspired by the end of the world!  More information on the Armageddon Ableton Pack Here.

Here’s Some Music Created with the Armageddon Pack!

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  • Leif Olson

    you’re not phase cancelling the bands?

    • AfroDJMac

      No, shouldn’t be. Each band is only getting through on one chain. There shouldn’t be any interference.

      • Aaron Zilch

        Might get better results from the new EQ 8 with its linear phase filters though…

        • AfroDJMac

          yea, the EQ8 is pretty sweet