Free Ableton Live Pack #72: LaunchPad Push Emulation

Mimic Ableton’s Push with this free Instrument Rack

As a result of feeling the hype surrounding Ableton’s Push, I thought I’d try to create an instrument rack for my Novation LaunchPad that mimics Push’s note mode behavior.  With that goal in mind, I created this Free Ableton Live Instrument that allows you to do some cool things with your LaunchPad.  As with many experiments, the end result is not exactly where I expected, but it still proves to be a fun instrument.

Red Launchpad!

My Custom Red Launchpad! 

LaunchPad Push Emulation Ableton Live Pack

This instrument rack has two chains for two separate synths, for use in the LaunchPad’s User 1 Mode.  Once you add the two instruments (see illustration below), one instrument will occupy the left side of the LaunchPad and the other instrument the right side.  This allows you to play two different instruments with each of your hands.  I’ve added separate delays and filters that affect each side independently.  Next there is a midi scale plug in that will only let you play notes in the major scale of your choice.  Each instrument has its own Pitch control, so you can get the exact notes you want.  Finally there’s a compressor at the end to help “hold everything together.”

LaunchPad Push Ableton AfroDJMac

Drop your own instruments where the blue box is, on the left side chain and on the right side chain.

Some Helpful Additions

There are two midi tracks in the Ableton Live project.  One of them receives Midi from the LaunchPad and sends that Midi back to the LaunchPad.  This will cause the LaunchPad to light whenever you press a note.  The other Midi track contains a clip that is sending C and G at many octaves to the LaunchPad.  The Cs are green and the Gs are red.  These are there to help you understand what notes the buttons on your LaunchPad will play.  This instrument rack does not have any instruments in it!  It will not make sound until you add instruments to it.  You can put any Ableton Instrument or 3rd party VST or AU in there.  Obviously we can’t completely emulate Push on a LaunchPad, but I hope you find this Push inspired instrument fun and enjoyable.  Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough of the features.

The Sounds from the Video

If you liked the sounds I used in the video, they can be yours! The sound I used on the left side of the LaunchPad was the AfroDJMac Gibson Pad.  It’s an instrument I made by sampling my old Gibson acoustic guitar.  The second sound, on the right, is part of the AfroDJMac Wind Chimes Synths.  This is a beautiful and organic sounding collection of Ableton Live Instrument racks I made by sampling my Wind Chimes.  I spent way too much money on some nice wind chimes, and made some pretty cool instruments with them.  Below is an EP I made using only samples from the Wind Chimes.  The instruments and all of the Live sets I used to create the EP are included in the download.

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  • SunFalls

    Video ? Where is it ?

  • agent0047

    very cool!

  • Kevin Doyle

    Hey Brother, Does this rack for the APC 40? Great vid as always!!!

    • AfroDJMac

      not going to work on the APC man, sorry :(

  • Pilzy

    Nice! Thank you, start feeling like all this new kit relegates my kit but AfroMac saves the day!

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  • Ton Ton Tonic Sdye

    Thanks for the tut and the rack! Is there a way to display root and 5th notes even I’m in the arrangement view/mode?

    • AfroDJMac

      yes there is. you could set up a midi track that outputs to your Launchpad. place a clip on the track. Put midi notes in the clip that correspond to the pads on the LaunchPad (this may take a little trial and error). Once you figure out which notes go with which pads for your roots and fifths, you are set. I did this myself, but I found that the LaunchPad kind of lags when you send it this much information. For instance, after you stop the clip, the pads stay lit. And sometimes it lags when you try to switch from say User 1 mode to Session mode. For that reason, I didn’t include it in the download. But maybe it will work out better for you! Good luck.

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  • Deryk Moates

    This is great stuff man, I bookmarked your site. I’m new to the live community, I’m an old logic head. I was wondering if u know of anything like this for the maschine, or any good resources for maschine templates for live? Thanks for all the great free stuff.

    • AfroDJMac

      oh cool man! I don’t use Machine, so I’m not really sure of much out there for it. I did play around with one at the store recently and it was pretty fun though. I’m waiting on Push though!


    Can i use this in user 2 mode ?

    • AfroDJMac

      It’s meant for User 1. All it is doing is changing the notes on the LaunchPad and allows you to put a different synth on each side of it.


    thanks dude your a beast ~~~ Really dig your stuff videos articles and music . Thanks /!

    • AfroDJMac

      Thanks Robert! I’m glad it’s useful to you my man!

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  • Joshua Pedersen

    Brilliant pack! However, all the macros and settings within the rack have a little pink (or colored) square that does not allow me to change any of the values … Thanks again!