Two Minute Ableton Live Tip #23: Drum Fills with Beat Repeat

Create Drum Fills on the Fly with Ableton’s Beat Repeat

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Ableton Live‘s beat repeat can be used to create drum fills with the push of a button.  Follow along with this Two Minute Ableton Live Tip as I show you how to set up the Beat Repeat plug in to create variety in your drum loops.

Try this trick on my Super Tape Drums!

Check out my Super Tape Drums for Ableton Live.  They are a collection of drum racks, with each drum sound sampled from an analog reel to reel tape machine.  There’s a great analog warmth to these samples and the instruments have some cool controls to make finding drum sounds easy as pie. Plus, they go perfectly with the above tip!

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  • Derahn Thornton

    I like that plugin…but it kinda went too fast too see how you set that up bro…I could definitely find a way to use that! However, Tha Abacus loves the the tips….thank you very much for all you do!

    • AfroDJMac

      I’m going to release a drum rack with it in there this week, once I make a video!

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