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SoundPrism Pro is easily one of my most used apps.  It’s based on a unique keyboard layout, specifically designed for touch screens.  Because it does not simply mimic real world keyboards, I find myself playing in ways I otherwise wouldn’t.  I use it to send midi to virtual and hardware synths.  It’s great for creating interesting chords.  I like to throw an arpeggiator on its track in Ableton, and playing chords with SoundPrism to get some really cool and fun arpeggiated patterns.  Additionally, it supports AudioBus!

soundprism midi controller ios afrodjmacSoundPrism Pro 

I love this app.  If you want a cool alternative to the traditional keyboard, this app is it.  It has its own sounds which are nice, plus ones you can buy.  But the best part is it sends midi too.  I really enjoy controlling Ableton and my OP-1 with this app.

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