Mega Brute Collection – Massive Ableton Live Pack by AfroDJMac


The Powers of Ableton Live Meet the Arturia MiniBrute!


The Arturia MegaBrute Ableton Live Pack is an amazing analog synth.  It has a warm and rich analog sound.  The generous amount of knobs and faders beg to be touched and manipulated.  I absolutely love the MiniBrute!  I waited for months on back order, and when I received it I was not let down.  The instrument itself feels great, and the sounds it creates are beautiful.  It is not without its limitations however.  It’s a monophonic synth.  That means no chords or lush pads.  While it is quite amazing to have this instrument at your finger tips, coupling it with the power of Ableton Live takes it to a new level.

The Mega Brute Collection… There’s Nothing Mini About it

After about a month of work, I now present the AfroDJMac Mega Brute Collection for Ableton Live.  My goal was to expand the capabilities of the MiniBrute and use its incredible analog sound to create instruments that shatter the boundaries of a hardware synth.  Heavy basses, soaring leads, lush pads, noise sweeps and more are all covered in this massive collection of Ableton instruments. AfroDJMac Mega Brute MiniBrute Ableton Arturia

The AfroDJMac Mega Brute Collection Contains:

      • 50 Ableton Live Instrument Racks (most of which contain additional midi and audio effect racks inside)
    • 10 Ableton Live Sets
    • The AfroDJMac MegaBrute EP- a four song EP created entirely with the Mega Brute Collection
    • The 5 Ableton Live sets used to create the MegaBrute EP (this gives an inside look at how the MegaBrute Collection was put to work)

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    The instruments are made with Ableton’s Sampler, but there are also versions of everything made with Simpler, in case you do not own Sampler or prefer Simpler.  This means that there are 100 Instrument Rack presets and 30 Live sets in total.  Each instrument rack is loaded with racks inside the rack.  These Audio and Midi Effects can be saved and used in any Ableton Live set.  The amount of sound you get is incredible, and each instrument is entirely customizable with carefully planned macro knobs for the ultimate in expression.  Check out the video below, every sound was made with the Mega Brute Collection.

The AfroDJMac “Mega Brute EP” – 4 Songs Made With Only the Mega Brute Collection.

I’ve created a four song EP, only using the Mega Brute Collection.  My focus on these tracks was to illustrate some of the diverse sounds that are impossible to make with the MiniBrute alone.  The EP is included with the Mega Brute Collection, as well as the Ableton Live sets the tracks were created with.  This gives you a behind the scenes view of how this collection of instruments can be used to create music.

Available Now!


 Buy the Arturia MegaBrute Ableton Live Pack for $14.99.    Or, if you are feeling super excited and really want to save, you can get it  as a part of the “Everything in the Store” Pack, which contains every item in the AfroDJMac store.


I hope you enjoy the Mega Brute Collection for Ableton Live.  A lot of work went into its creation, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  The MiniBrute is an amazing analog synth, and no amount of sampling could replace it, but by combining it with Ableton Live, the sonic possibilities are virtually endless.  Have fun with the Mega Brute Collection… there’s nothing mini about it.

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