Taste of the Juno: Ableton Live Pack #57

The Roland Juno 106 is a classic analog synthesizer. It is capable of a wide range of sounds loaded with warmth and character. Within the digital domain, it can be hard to emulate the electronic circuitry responsible for the subtleties that give an old analog synth its charm. However, thanks to the sampling power of Ableton Live, those characteristic tones and sonic potential are now in your hands.

I recently released a Premium Ableton Live Pack featuring more than 20 different instrument racks created by sampling sounds from the Roland Juno 106. This week I am sharing one of those instruments to give you an idea of what you can expect from the AfroDJMac Roland Juno 106 Pack. My 57th Free Ableton Live Pack is a patch created on the Juno 106 that I call “Swell Bell.” It’s a super warm pad sound that can be manipulated and mangled into many different sounds. Like each instrument in the full pack, this one truly captures the warmth and charm of the Juno 106, while adding functionality not possible on the original.

I got my hands on the Roland Juno 106, thanks to my friend Darren from the electronic band Glen and the Boys. I was immediately comforted with waves of nostalgia by the same sounds that I remember from the 80s music that accompanied my childhood. Once I sampled the synthesizer, I found that the capabilities of Ableton Live made these sounds even more fun to play with. It is pretty amazing what can be done with some quality samples! I hope you guys enjoy the sounds of this free download as much as I do, and if you do, consider picking up the full Ableton Live Pack for a wealth of additional sounds!

Here’s a handy Ableton Live Quick Tip that will help you save on CPU.

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  • Andy Allen

    Very nice job with the LivePac, Mr Mac. :)

    The 106 was a favorite synth of mine a long, long time ago, in a land far far away (really – London in the 80s!). It had pride of place on the top shelf of one of my A-frame keyboard stands (above a DX7 and a JX10) and as well as having a great sound, it had a good balance between recallable presets and hands-on controls. 

    So I grabbed your live set as soon as I saw it.

    And it does not disappoint. Most of the real character is there, with some very familiar sounds, and despite the fact that I have a hankering for my old synth, it’s much more conveniently usable as a live pack in Ableton.

    Now just think what you could do with a Jupiter 8!


    • http://www.afrodjmac.com/ AfroDJMac

      Andy, Thanks for picking up the Juno 106 pack and writing with the kind words.  Even though I was just borrowing the Juno for about a week, once I sampled it and put it in to Ableton, I found it was super convenient and even more diverse, as far as adding new effects and such.  Man, if I could only get my hands on a Jupiter!  Thanks again man :)

  • Rexfaraday

    I’m fairly new to Ableton Live.  Is there a guide to how to install your instruments somewhere you could point me to?  I downloaded one of the free packs a bit ago but am not sure how to get it set up.  No readme in the files.

    • http://www.afrodjmac.com/ AfroDJMac

      All you really need to do is click on the save icon (looks like a floppy disc) on the title bar of the instrument rack.  Live will save it to your library as well as the appropriate samples.  

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  • guest

    So, how do i install those packs ?