Super Bass [Free Ableton Live Rack #28]


AfroDJMac's Super Bass!

Sometimes you just need a thick heavy bass sound.  Over the last few months, I’ve gotten a few requests for some heavy bass sounds.   While working on one of my tracks called “Part of Me,”  I programmed a bass sound that I liked quite a bit, and for this installment of my Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack series,  I have modified that particular bass sound.

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I really appreciate Ableton’s Analog synth for its deep sound sculpting potential and really nice filter section.  It’s a synth that seems to get deeper and deeper every time I load it up.  This Ableton Live Instrument Rack was created with the idea of thick bass sounds in mind.  I used both oscillators, one a saw wave the other a square wave tuned an octave lower.  There’s a slight detuning to thicken up the sound and a bunch of effects stringed together, most notably, The Ableton Amp plug in.  Luckily and to my surprise, this rack winds up being more than just a bass sound.  Follow along in the video below as I take you through the rack and show how it can be sculpted into heavy bass sounds, pleasing chords/ pads, and soaring leads.


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If you have interesting samples you’d like me to work with, let me know and we can help spread the word about each other :)  And, as always, if you create any music using any of the AfroDJMac racks, send it to my Soundcloud and I will post it!  Here’s one from JM-DG using a few racks from past weeks!

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Free Ableton Live Racks From The Past :)


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  • JM-DG

    Hi mate!
    I think you forgot to include the drum sample in your rack.
    I really like its sound. It would be nice to have it.


    • AfroDJMac

      you are correct “collect all and save!” Give it a shot now, drum samples included :) Thanks for supplying the track my man!

  • Sam213

    Great rack, again !
    Thanks a lot for sharing !

    • AfroDJMac

      thanks for coming by :)

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  • Alex Thomson

    Once again thank you for your time and effort :) i always learn something new !

    • AfroDJMac

      My Pleasure!

  • Abacus Beatz


    That live set you put with it is so sick….I got some hip hop drums I can put with it and do a couple of verses over it!

    • AfroDJMac

      That’d be awesome, send it along. Maybe we can do a collaboration…

      • Abacus Beatz

        Thank you for the free racks…I will be getting some of the premium stuff soon! I love DJ’ing but I never got into production until now! I’ve been missing out all these years! Ableton has really opened my mind up. I have to get a MIDI keyboard now to go along with my APC40 and MPD 26.

        Keep it going!!

        • AfroDJMac

          Excellent do it up!

          • Abacus Beats

            How do I send this beat to you? My connection to lay down vocals is leaving soon so I won’t get a chance to put a rhyme to it. I’m in the US military BTW. Stationed in Korea atm. I can add you to my soundlcoud as well. Maybe we can do some more with it as you said and collaborate.

            Thanks again!

  • Mika Alexander

    I use Ableton for music production and scoring and came across your page on Ableton website, even give links to some of my uni teachers, there is some amazing chains in these videos that even experienced dudes can use, so just wanted to say a quick thanks for all your work and effort!.

    • AfroDJMac

      Thanks a lot for the nice words, Mika. I’m glad you’ve found some use out of the devices and I appreciate you spreading the word!

      • Mika Alexander

        Its a pleasure mate!, if you have a youtube channel i will aslo freind and subscribe you, thx again mate, must take alot of time for some of the complicated stuff ya doing on here!.

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