Glitch Machine Part 2 [Free Weekly Ableton Rack #24]

Can you guess what old NES game is glitched out in the pic?

This weeks Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack comes with a couple helpful aspects to it.  First I’m showing you how to take my glitch effects racks and use them to create new sounds you can sample and use in your productions.  To accomplish that I’ve given you a “Slice to Midi Track” preset.  Just save this rack to your Slicing Defaults folder located in your Ableton Live Library.  The path is Library/Defaults/Slicing.  You can just drop the rack right into this location in Ableton’s browser.  It will now show up as a preset when you “Slice to Midi Track.” (Some more info on how to save Slice to Midi Presets here.)  Next, there are three racks of glitchy sounds I created by messing around with a drum beat and a clip of the following track:

[soundcloud url=""]

Finally, there is a group that will allow your Novation Launchpad to light up when you use it to play drum rack samples, very handy.

I wrote an article about creative uses of sidechaining for, complete with a video demonstration.  Check it out here.


Finally, if you are in the area, I’ll be playing this Friday with my friends My Summer at the Velvet Lounge in Setauket, NY. Hopefully you can make it out!