Ableton Rack #23: Super Glitch Machine (part 1)

Can you tell which Glitched out Nintendo Game this is?

Greetings boys and girls, this week I have part one of a two part series on creating glitchy music.  As fun as it is to create things, there’s a whole other sense of satisfaction in destroying them.  For your downloading pleasure, I’ve constructed three different Ableton Live Effect Racks that are designed to mutilate, mangle, destroy, and crush your tracks up.  I built up groups of effects that will take your sounds and twist them into oblivion so that you wind up with something totally new and down right nasty.  These are great for individual tracks or entire mixes, experiment with them and take the music you have worked so hard to create and destroy it to your hearts content!  Follow the destruction in the video below. Next week in part two, we will take these very racks and go through the steps to take just about any sound and mangle it into a large group of glitchy noises that can then be reused again and again.

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More racks are available here, preview them in the videos below.

Casio VL-1 Rack/Sample Pack

RapMan Rack/Sample Pack

  • Siku

    Hi AfroDJMac, just found out that you “live-packed” the Rapman. Detunized also did a couple of years ago ;-) But it´s nice to have 2 versions in the Lib…..

    Keep it up

    • AfroDJMac

      cool! I never saw that site before. Thanks :)

  • Jasn

    Thanks for putting the time and effort into making these awesome racks (and also for Simpler:)

    • AfroDJMac

      Hey man your gratitude is my fuel, thanks!

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  • kfractal

    hey, nice one! i’ll be using this for sure :)

  • TechnoPrisoner

    Thank you for sharing your stuff!!!Sounds great!!!

    • AfroDJMac

      My pleasure TechnoPrisoner (awesome name)

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  • Subaqueous

    Nice one… Did this rack. You on the glitch hop forum? They would love this.

    • AfroDJMac

      Nah I’m not, what’s the URL?

  • Subaqueous

    Oh and I think the game is pitfall.

    • AfroDJMac

      Sorry try again!

  • shadow cru

    thank you , greatly appreciated !!!! :)

  • Luke

    HI, is mediafire down at the mo? I can’t seem to download rack (I have tried other racks today with no luck).

    Good work sir.


    • AfroDJMac

      it seems to be working now

  • Luke

    Cheers man, I think it is a problem with my network. I can load mediafire on my phone with 3G, but I have tried 2 laptops and my phone on my home network and I get nothing.

    I will try again later.

    • Luke

      Turns out it was an issue with my ISP.

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  • Fonetik

    Thanks for sharing these!
    Is the game Metroid BTW? :D

    • AfroDJMac

      You’re welcome… sorry but it is not metroid. You are in the right time period though, and it was the first of still current franchise of games!

      • Fonetik

        Gonna give it one more try: Zelda?

        • AfroDJMac

          Sorry Amigo!

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  • evil v

    hi afrodjmac,
    i used your “swooshes & risers” pack as part of a set for an experimental improv last night. once i eventually record a track from this set i will send it to you. it seems to me as if the video for this set is no longer on youtube… true?

    i’m looking forward to trying out this super glitch machine set. by all indications you seem to be a really cool guy. thanks!

    my guess is castlevania.

    ~evil v

    • AfroDJMac

      Evil! Castlevania it is! I was scared no one would get it! I’m pumped to see what you are doing with that rack, send it along and I’ll post it. All videos should be up and rolling. Good luck with the live shows!

      • evil v

        i played that game a lot. had some fun last night messing with the super glitch machine rack as well. good stuff!

        • AfroDJMac

          That game is so hard! I got to Dracula once using an infinite lives cheat, and I fought him for hours, but never beat him! He is sooooooo hard! Glad you the glitch machine is doing you good!

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  • Julian

    hey! thank you so much!

    How do i reset my drum rack to default so it doesn’t open the glitch machine every time?


    • AfroDJMac

      Julian, you’re going to want to go into your Ableton Library, then Defaults, then Dropping Samples and change it to whatever you’d like to have. I keep my Glitch Machine in the Slicing folder so I can just select it from the menu that pops up when you do a Slice To Midi. hope that helps!

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