Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #4 – “AfroDJMac Michael Jackson Synth”

I love Michael Jackson.  So, why not use his voice as the groundwork for a new synth? This week, I created a Sampler instrument using various vocal snippets from early in the King of Pop’s career. Particular attention was paid to finding especially emotive phrases.  After sifting through his impressive catalog, I settled on using bits from “Ben,” “I Want You Back,” “Rock With You,” and “I’ll Be There.”  Follow along with the video tutorial as I explain how the instrument works, some effects I’ve applied, and, most importantly, how it can be modified.  This instrument is a fun one, because its sound ranges anywhere from string section/choir synth to a super-distorted shoegazing electric guitar sound… plus it’s all created using Michael Jackson’s voice.  Long Live The King.

Have fun, send me any feedback or music your make, and come back again every week for a new Ableton Live Device Rack.  Also, please check out some of my music.  SuperKid and I are finishing production on Cowboys and Synthesizers, a four song EP with hand painted artwork, each copy is unique and only 100 have been made.

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  • JJ

    It´s illegal to use MJ´s voice for the synth.

    (and I´m quite sure it´s impossible to get a license for that)

  • lokey

    i wouldn’t recommend you sell the beast, but i wholeheartedly support the use of these samples in this fashion. Any reasoned copyright legislation should construe this as fair use which does not interfere with the established monetization of mr jacksons recordings. No one will be using this instead of buying a mj album. Well done and thank you!

  • shanetron

    this doesn’t work for me. i’m running 8.2.1 on a 2010 MBP. Let me know when you work out the issues.

  • JJ

    Said ´fair´ use is for certain educational purposes or something like that.
    Legit use for MJ´s recordings is simple: Either you have the license or you don´t have.
    Respect the work of other people as you want them to respect your own work.

  • AfroDjMac

    I did a little reading up on the matter and firstly, the laws are somewhat unclear and hard to pinpoint. But some just to let you in on my reasoning, from a completely untrained legal position… 1. the samples are extremely short, 1 second max. 2. I don’t think they are recognizable to the average person. They’re not even full words. 3. The end product is wildly different from the source material. 4. I’m not trying to make any money on it whatsoever. 5. I would argue there is an educational element to what I am doing.
    If push comes to shove, and I’m in the wrong, I’ll take the synth down. But for now, I’m on the same boat as Lokey, I’m not trying to take anything away from Michael Jackson or the earnings of his estate. I don’t think it can be argued in a reasonable way that this synth is a replacement to Jackson’s work. As far as respecting his work, I’m not trying to make any secrets about where the source materials came from or make any personal gains other than the joy of sharing something with the public that I think is cool.
    I appreciate the feedback, and if there is any trouble I’ll gladly remove this synth from the collection. Take care and I hope you guys are having fun with this download.

    • Kassie

      Great artilce, thank you again for writing.

    • vgohqvcbvby

      l2Kad2 hpwcejicrcai

  • mike

    theres 2 mp3 files in the imported folder that i can’t imagine are necessary for this download – not to mention then make up most of the 15MB download size

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  • Fonetik

    Thanks! Always quality stuff, man.

    • AfroDJMac

      Thanks man, enjoy!

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